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Park Haki (박학기) - Lyricism (Seo Jeong (서정))

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Park Haki (박학기) - Lyricism (Seo Jeong (서정))
Release Date: 2013.06.21
01. 아직 내 가슴속엔 니가 살아 (You Still Live In My Heart)
02. 온종일 비가 내려 (Raining All Day)
03. 그대 미소 (Your Smile)
04. Yellow fish (Finger Style feat. Chun Sang Hyeok 천상혁)
05. 계절은 이렇게 내리네 (Duet With 승연)
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Title: Park Haki (박학기) - Lyricism (Seo Jeong (서정)); Writen By Syahdu Musix; Rating Blog: 5 dari 5
Posted by: Syahdu Musix
Music Kpop Jpop, Updated at: 5:19 PM
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