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[Album] John Park (존 박) - Inner Child [VOL.1]

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John Park (존 박) - Inner Child [VOL.1] 
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존 박 (John Park) - Inner Child [VOL.1]
Release Date: 2013.07.03
01. Imagine
02. Baby
03. 지워져간다
04. 다시 (feat. Bizzy)
05. Too Late
06. Right Here
07. 철부지
08. 어디있나요
09. 그만
10. To You And Me (Outro)
11. Sipping My life (Bonus Track)
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Title: [Album] John Park (존 박) - Inner Child [VOL.1]; Writen By Syahdu Musix; Rating Blog: 5 dari 5
Posted by: Syahdu Musix
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