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Davichi (다비치) - Special Best

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Davichi (다비치) - Special Best 
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Davichi (다비치) - Special Best
Release Date : 2013.08.13
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean
Bit Rate : 320 kbps
- CD 1 -
01. 오늘따라 보고 싶어서 그래 (Missing you today)
02. 안녕이라고 말하지마 (Don’t say goodbye)
03. 거북이 (Turtle)
04. 시간아 멈춰라 (Time please stop)
05. 사고쳤어요 (I made an accident)
06. 여성시대 (Women generation)
07. 생각날거야 (Will think of you)
08. 모르시나요 (Don’t you know?)
09. 사랑과 전쟁 (Love and war)
10. 슬픈 다짐 (Sad promises)
11. 8282
12. 원더우먼 (Wonder woman)
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- CD 2 -
01. 미워도 사랑하니까 (I love you even though I hate you)
02. 녹는중 (Be warmed)
03. 남자도 우나요 (Do men cry?)
04. 슬픈 사랑의 노래 (A sad love song)
05. 너라서 (Because it’s you)
06. 우리 사랑했잖아 (We were in love)
07. 두번 헤어지는 일 (The second break up)
08. 사랑 사랑아 (Love oh love)
09. 둘이서 한잔해 (Just the two of us)
10. 사랑은 다 그런거래요 (Love is all the same)
11. 난 너에게 (From me to you)
12. 오늘같은 밤이면 (If it’s like tonight)
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