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V.A - Pure Love (일말의 순정) OST

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V.A - Pure Love (일말의 순정) OST 
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V.A - Pure Love (일말의 순정) OST
Release Date: 2013.08.21
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps
01. 참기 힘든 말
02. Only Love
03. Happy Smile
04. Every Moment
05. Anywhere
06. The Last Countdown
07. Getting Warmer
08. Prairie Wind
09. Yesterday Once More
10. Drunkard
11. Sunshine
12. Sunshower
13. Peaceful Mind
14. Old Story
15. Love And Bye
16. A Rememberance
17. Curious
18. Only You
19. Lotus
20. Comic Small Mind
21. 참기 힘든 말 Ver. 2
22. Happy Smile (Inst.)
23. Only Love (Inst.)
24. 참기 힘든 말 (Piano Solo)
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Title: V.A - Pure Love (일말의 순정) OST; Writen By Syahdu Musix; Rating Blog: 5 dari 5
Posted by: Syahdu Musix
Music Kpop Jpop, Updated at: 10:40 PM
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