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MiChi - Eyes Wide Open

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MiChi - Eyes Wide Open 
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Artist : MiChi
Title (Album) : EYES WIDE OPEN
Release Date : 2013.10.02
1. MadNesS vol.4
2. STARTING OVER (album mix)
3. Saturday Night
4. Lighten the Fxxk Up
5. Nearly Maybe...
6. INdependeNt GiRL?
7. Just because
8. HEARTBEAT (album mix)
9. still missing you
10. Hello
11. Journey (feat.Jake Shimabukuro)
12. YOUR Life
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Title: MiChi - Eyes Wide Open; Writen By Syahdu Musix; Rating Blog: 5 dari 5
Posted by: Syahdu Musix
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