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Show Luo - Lion Roar [Download Album]

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Show Luo (罗志祥) - Lion Roar (狮子吼) 10th album
Release Date: 2013.11.08
Genre: Cpop
Language: Mandarin
Bit Rate:  MP3-320kbps
Track List:
01. 愛投羅網 (Love From Net Investment)
02. 愛騙我 (Love To Fool Me)
03. 未完的承諾 (Unfinished Commitment)
04. 惜命命 (Xi Ming Ming)
05. 獅子吼 (Lion Roar)
06. 第六十一分鐘 (Sixty-one Minutes)
07. 愛我喊出來 (If You Love Me, Say It)
08. 愛慘了 (Love Is Miserable)
09. 想逃 (Want To Run Away)
10. 如果還有如果 (If There Is No If)
Download Album
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